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About the Author

The author Mr. M. N. Behera has conducted more than sixty years' study and research on heathenish culture, history and character and on all religions of the world as a hobby and this book is its result and so it has become unique.


The author who had long ago retired as a government servant was a first class first Honours Degree holder in Economics & Political Science with Distinction having History and English literature as subsidiary subjects.


He had conducted research on Road Transport Dynamics under the Indian Institute of Road Transport, Bombay and his grand thesis entitled "Road Transport Dynamics" was published in a series of articles in the monthly journal of the Association of State Road Transport Undertakings of India from July, 1968 to July, 1969.


It is deemed to be a good luck that this wise man of the East boldly discloses his wisdom through his novel work "BROWNSTUDY ON HEATHENLAND" in the interest of mankind and blessed will be he who will advance his noble mission.

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