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The Landscape

This is a geographical topic portraying the ancient Heathenland and the modern Heathenland and explaining the origin of the names like ‘Asia’, ‘India’, ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindustan’ and the birth of the Indian Nation with indication about the true Father of the Indian Nation.



This is a metaphysical topic explained through the laws of pure physics and biology exploding the prevailing heathenish superstitions.



The mythical concepts of ‘soul’ and its ‘rebirth have been exploded in this topic striking hard at the root of all religions and ecclesiastical business.


God & Cosmos

The myth of God has been crystallinely exploded and the role of magnetic energy in creation and destruction has been explained and also the cosmic science is briefly discussed. It also interprets the quintessence of the core of the four Vedas of Hindus in scientific terms.



The exercise of prayer and its reactions or results have been analysed.



The reality of this psychological concept has been critically analysed to arrive at the truth.



The Religious concept of ‘sin’ has been exploded and its basic truth has been indicated.



This political concept has been discussed with reference to the conditions of Heathenland.



This political concept has been discussed with reference to India.



In this topic the sanctity of religions has been exploded and the injuries caused to mankind by religions have been discussed.



This political concept has been analysed with reference to India of modern times.



The superstitions attached to this religious concept have been briefly discussed.



The true definition of ‘Spirit’, ‘Spiritualism’ and Materialism’ have been given with reference to religious texts and Heathenland.



This biological topic has been critically discussed to explode all superstitions and prejudices carried by it.



This topic discusses about the origin of theism in the ancient society through entertainment channel and about the rise of the priest-class to take care of such theistic activities and displays.



This topic gives a vivid picture of heathenish culture of the past and present and the practice of divine mediums in the western and south-eastern Asia or Heathenland.



One can gain deep and penetrating insight into the heathen society of the past and present in this chapter.



This chapter is a critical commentary on Hindu society and Hinduism and on modern political castes and their vandalism in modern India.


Pillage & Ravages

Here is a discussion about human wickedness and depredations and about rise and fall of civilizations with a brief reference to disappearance of certain countries of Heathenland owing to natural catastrophes.


The Horror-Spell

This chapter recollects from history the gruesome and horrific terroristic holocausts created in India by Muslims for one thousand years.


The Redeemer

The rise and fall of a pseudo-incarnation of Hindus, betrayal of Hindu aspirations and crushing of Hindu revival by formation of Pakistan are discussed here on historical background.


The Aftermath

This chapter discusses the mood of political vendetta developed after assassination of Mr. Gandhi and the anti-people policy followed by politicians during the post-colonial period of India.


The Reformation Hike

This topic analyses the positive and negative points of the chief reformative religions of Heathenland.



This chapter outlines the special characteristic of the present Indian society vis--vis Indian polity.


The Spiritual Charter

This topic highlights the drawbacks of Indian democracy and offers certain reformative suggestions to rejuvenate the democratic spirit in modern India.



This chapter discusses heathenish palliative hints to fight boldly the battle of life and face the sufferings of the world.


Hypnotic Feats

This chapter reveals all mystic secrets of heathenish spiritual culture and religious literature.


In over-all the book is a lively introduction to the modern India.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2003 by MSMC Ltd.