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What is Indology?

What is Indology? ‘Indo’ means ‘Indian’ and ‘logy’ is a suffix used in forming the names of ‘sciences or departments of study’, like ‘demonology’, ‘mythology’ and ‘zoology’, meaning ‘the study of demons, myths and animals’. (vide pages 411 & 474 of The Pocket Oxford Dictionary of Current English Compiled by F.G Fowler and H.W. Fowler, Fifth Edition, 1969)


Hence ‘Indology’ means ‘the study of Indians’. But the study of a people will never be sound or perfect without study of its inhabited land and also of its contiguous or neighbouring lands as the neighbouring influences always create forces to be reckoned with in moulding the character and culture of the said people. Thus, Indology is a science which makes multidimensional investigation and study about India and Indians to unravel the mysteries and secrets which enable the Indian culture and civilization stand unique in the history of mankind.


The book ‘Brownstudy on Heathenland’ incorporates such a scientific study. The word ‘Brownstudy’ means ‘reverie’, ‘musing’, ‘pondering’ or ‘meditating’ of course, with a touch of sadness and meaning of the word ‘Heathenland’ has been explained in the paras 1 to 6 of Topic-1 of Part-I of the book.

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