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A short introduction of the book

The Brownstudy on Heathenland is a novel, unique and excellent book on Indology and surpasses all other similar books on the subject in scientific and rational interpretations of Indian mysticism and related religions, culture and literature.


It has exploded many myths and solved many head-cracking social and religious riddles. It has logically defined the Indian character, maladies and aspirations. It sharply penetrates into the past, present and future of India. Finally it gives an accurate and scientific exposition of enigmatic Indian texts and religious theories and gives a true guidance to a happy human world.


The book is in four parts and contains twenty-seven topics big and small.


The topic No.1 draws a sketch of Heathenland of the past and of the present. Topics numbering 2 to 7 deal with metaphysical concepts through logic and reasoning. In topic No. 4 the concept of God has been exploded and cosmic science has been briefly explained.


Topics numbering 8 to 11 deal with social and political matters. Topics 12 to 14 are spiritual subjects and 15 to 17 are religious. Topic No. 18 is a social subject. Again Topics from 19 to 22 are political matters based an Indian History.


Topic No. 23 explains the essence of all important religions of the world. The conditions of modern India are discussed in topic Nos. 24 and 25. Finally, Hindu religious texts and Indian mysticism have been discussed in brief in topic No. 26 and 27.


The topics are not only informative and enlightening but also very much entertaining and pleasing; and a foreigner will be able to rediscover India and Indians through this small book which is a detonating blockbuster in Indology.


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